Boredom Strikes... and it stung a little.

Hello. I'm gonna post whenever I get bored or when I am unintentionally looking for reasons to procrastinate, which most likely will be often... or so you'd think...

I will be posting anything that makes me smile... So enjoy :D


nissen Japan put up reservations for a few lolita-inspired sets. The neat thing is that they go up to size 10L. I’m sharing the ouji set because plus-sized ouji is difficult to find without having to get custom sizing. This set has 5 sizes, but the range is large! These measurements span all 5 of the sizes, so make sure to check the sizing chart before ordering.
For the blouse:
bust: 124-172 cm
shoulder width: 39-48 cm
length: 57-63 cm

For the pants:
waist: 85-125 + 20 cm for shirring
hip: 121-161 cm
length: 73-81 cm

They also have an awesome reference for viewing different clothing lengths on different heights. Right now they only have a chart for size 3L, but still a valuable resource!

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